Legislative Action

COLASeveral months ago the 18 school districts in Berks County in conjunction with the Berks County Intermediate Unit developed a committee on legislative action (COLA) to provide schools with a forum for review, analysis, and information sharing on state and federal legislative issues. Please click on the COLA icon to learn more about issues effecting school districts across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Property Tax Resources

Sales and Use Tax (New Taxable Items)

Berks County Committee on Legislative Action (COLA)
Proposed Property Tax Elimination Summary

COLA Cyber & Charter Schools
What is the difference between  a Charter School and a Cyber Charter School

Property Tax Elimination Article
Know the Facts

5 Quick Facts About Property Tax Elimination
Five Quick Facts

SB76 Tax Change Calculator
This calculator will help you to see how the changes made by SB 76 will affect your household's finances.