2019-2020 Proposed Schedule Change

After a year of planning, the district has prepared to place the Twin Valley Middle School on one building schedule starting in the 2019-2020 school year. The new schedule would have the same start and end times for 5th through 8th grade instead of the current split schedule where 5/6 grades and 7/8 grades are on two different arrival and dismissal times. One schedule would allow for more efficiency and collaboration amongst the 5th through 8th grade staff and would allow for families to have one schedule for drop off and pick up daily. We have attached the proposed 2019-2020 transportation schedule as well as a list of the benefits of one schedule at the middle school for your reference. The proposed 2019-2020 transportation schedule also includes a slight change in the arrival and dismissal times at the elementary and high school (see attachment for details). The district will be compiling a Frequently Asked Questions document for the website in regards to the proposed 2019-2020 transportation schedule. If you have any questions that you would like answered in the FAQs document please email them to Dr. Lorraine Sakoian, at lsakoian@tvsd.org