Title 1

Reading Books.pngTwin Valley School District provides Title 1 services to students in grades K-4 who are reading below benchmark level.  These supports are available during the school day in conjunction with the literacy curriculum.  In addition,  a summer reading program, "Raising Raider Readers", is offered to Title 1 eligible students and their parents.  This is an eight week program involving families in choosing books and reading with their children under the guidance of district elementary reading specialists and teachers. 

Title 1 informational events are held throughout  the school year at each elementary school.  Please see the individual school calendars for events.

If you have any questions regarding Title 1 services please contact your elementary school reading specialist or principal.

This is public notice that the Twin Valley School District is applying for an ED FLEX waiver from Title I Section 1113(a)(2)(B) in regards to eligible school attendance areas for 2018-2019. TVSD is requesting that Title I funding be allowed to be shared between the district's three elementary centers for the purposes of supporting supplemental reading and writing for students who fall below grade level standards. This supplemental service includes direct and small group instruction with certified teachers for students in need as well as a Summer Literacy Program for Title 1 students and parents. The students at the three elementary centers are expected to increase proficiency levels on the PSSA ELA exam as well as the Development Reading Assessment (DRA) as a result of these services. The Twin Valley School District welcomes public comment on the ED FLEX waiver application. Please send comments to Dr. Lorraine Sakoian at lsakoian@tvsd.org or by calling (610) 286-8600 x1550.